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Sree Thyagaraja Co-operative Bank Limited, a leading Urban Co operative Bank in India was founded by Sri. Krishna Rao . and others Co-operators during the beginning of the Co-operative movement in our country, with prime object of encouraging thrift and savings habit among the public and to freed the members from the clutches of private money lenders. The bank believes in consumer and poor oriented approach.

Initially the bank started as a Credit co-operative Society in the year 1964 and later converted as Urban Co-operative Bank on 17-03-1994. The bank began with 309 members, mobilised Share capital of Rs.18450 from them and also mobilized Deposits advances and disbursed dividend. Today the total business of the bank has crossed Rs. 900.00 crores and now it is placed in top ten Urban Co-operative bank s in the State of Karnataka,having 12branhces and one head office spread across Bangalore.

The Bank is functioning on the sound principles of co-operation and successfully completed more than 50 years of banking service. The bank is continuously making profit since from the date of its inception and disbursing dividend to its members and 'A' Grade Audit classification. Visionary and transparent directors on the board and dedicated professional staffs are responsible for this achievement.

Our bank celebrated its Silver Jubilee in year 1992 and Golden Jubilee in the year 2014.

Vision / Mission

Founded in 1964, this unique financial institution rests on the pillars of thrift, fellowship, character, accommodation and the selfless service of all individuals and organisations who wish to help themselves progress. We see ourselves as a family of honest, loyal and committed professionals, harmoniously employing technology, innovation and the human touch to achieve customer satisfaction and goodwill-the corner- stones of our success and the focus of all our efforts.

The prosperity of our customers is the engine of our success and they will find in us a fast, timely, flexible, co-operative and competitive partner in their progress. We shall reach out to our customers anywhere and at any time to make their dealings with us a pleasure. We shall warmly welcome them into our aesthetic surroundings or take our services to their doorsteps. We are committed to approachability, simplicity and transparency in our dealings with all our stake holders and shall be a temple of their trust.

We shall use our employee involvement and sense of togetherness to generate high levels of teamwork, efficiency, excellence and profits. We shall mobilize aggressively, invest wisely, disburse prudently, recover assiduously, reduce costs and create a learning organisation that offers products and services in tune with and ahead of the times.