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Lakshmi Recurring Deposit(Recurring Deposit Scheme)

A Savings Account may be opened by Individuals / Minors / Regd. Co-op. Societies / Regd. Public Trusts / HUFs.

Small savings Flexi Recurring Deposit is a special type of deposit account which enables a depositor to save by paying into the account an agreed minimum sum of money monthly per month over a stipulated period.

This Scheme is open to all categories viz. Individual and Non- individual entities.

Installments may be remitted by Standing instructions by transferring the ‘Core deposit’ amount each month from the current/ savings accounts in the same branch or from another branch to their Lakshmi Recurring Deposit accounts free of charge.The balance in the account should be sufficient to make the transfer, or else the standing instructions will be treated as cancelled.

The Deposits in this type of account earn compound interest on quarterly basis.

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In your kids name to make him/her a Lakhpati.

A small saving made every month can bring your kid one step closer to becoming a Lakhpati. Make the smarter choice, save with Lakhpati Deposits and maximize the returns from your savings.

Monthly Deposit Amt. Period (In Months) Maturity Value
1111 72 105262
1400 60 106909
1900 48 110538
2222 40 104208
2700 36 112272
3333 27 100303
4200 24 111033
4444 21 101596
8200 12 102467